Simply Following Christ

The Gospel of John

The Woman at the Well. John 4
The Woman at the Well. John 4

Starting on September 6, 2015 we will be studying the Gospel of John.  This fourth gospel is unique in many ways, as the author presents Jesus Christ as no less than the Son of God who is able, and willing, to give us eternal life with Him.

20:30-31 Introduction 06-Sep-15
1:1-28 Eternal Word in Flesh 13-Sep-15
1:29-42 Lamb of God 20-Sep-15
1:43-51 Son of Man / Son of God 27-Sep-15
2:1-11 Sign#1: Master of the Elements 04-Oct-15
2:12-25 The Father’s Zealous Son 11-Oct-15
3:1-21 God’s One and Only Savior Son 18-Oct-15
3:22-36 Heaven’s Bridegroom 25-Oct-15
4:1-42 Messiah: Savior of the World 01-Nov-15
4:43-54 Sign#2: Master of Time and Space 08-Nov-15
5:1-30 Sign#3: Master of All and Equal with God 15-Nov-15
5:31-47 True Testimonies to Christ 22-Nov-15
6:1-21 Sign#4&5: Master of Provision and Nature 29-Nov-15
6:22-71 Bread of Life 27-Dec-15
7:1-52 Jesus on Speculations about Him 03-Jan-16
8:1-11 Forgiver of Sin 10-Jan-16
8:12-30 God’s  Attested Son 17-Jan-16
8:31-47 The Truth 24-Jan-16
8:48-59 The “I AM” 31-Jan-16
9:1-41 Sign#6: Light of the World (Master of Truth) 07-Feb-16
10:1-42 The Good Shepherd 14-Feb-16
11:1-57 Sign#7: Resurrection and Life 21-Feb-16
12:1-19 King 28-Feb-16
18-19:16 Christ’s Identity at His Arrest and Trial 06-Mar-16
19:17-42 Christ’s Identity at His Crucifixion 13-Mar-16
20:1-29 The Ultimate Sign: Death Destroyed 20-Mar-16
12:20-36 Glorified Son 27-Mar-16
13:1-17 Servant Master 03-Apr-16
13:18-38 True Prophet 10-Apr-16
14:1-14 The Way 17-Apr-16
14:15-31 One of Three 24-Apr-16
15:1-17 Sustaining Vine 01-May-16
15:18-16:4 Despised Vine 08-May-16
16:5-16 (14:15-21) Spirit Commissioner 15-May-16
16:17-33 The Giver 22-May-16
17:1-26 Intercessor 29-May-16
20:30-21:25 What to do with Jesus? (Believe & Follow) 05-Jun-16