Simply Following Christ

About Us

canstockphoto9980580Waskasoo Bible Fellowship was formed in the summer of 2010 by a small group of Christians who had a desire to serve Christ in simplicity and reality.  The Vision and Values that Waskasoo Bible Fellowship was formed upon are outlined below.

Our Vision

Waskasoo Bible Fellowship desires to be a New Testament Church that is:

  • Empowered and made bold by the Holy Spirit in response to fervent prayer.
  • Devoted to:
    • Bible study and teaching
    • Spiritual formation by mentoring discipleship
    • Deep, spiritual fellowship
    • The centrality of the Lord’s Supper
    • Serious prayer that shakes foundations
    • God glorifying worship.
  • Non pragmatic, using a God sensitive model for meeting.
  • Outward focused, serving the people of our community and the world outside the confines of a church building, being characterized by love, faith, and hope as an authentic expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Autonomous under Christ’s leadership and the authority of Scripture and structured under godly elders according to 1 Timothy 3.
  • Uncluttered by program, busy through personal witness, and committed to multiplying churches.
  • Non segregated, family-friendly, multi-generational, and multi-cultural.

Our Values

We will not emphasize a church mission statement but rather a personal missionary commitment as follows:

“I will personally proclaim Christ to my neighbors and disciple those who believe toward Christlikeness. My neighbor is anyone whose need I see and whose need I can meet.”

We will value:

  • Uncluttered, available lives
  • People over programs
  • Personal transformation over church activity
  • Encouragement over criticism
  • Correction over compromise
  • Truth over trend
  • Authenticity over façade

Our Statement of Faith