Simply Following Christ

In the summer of 2023 we are studying “The Days of Elijah”.  This was a time when the kings and people of Israel were turning away from God, and instead worshiping the gods of their neighbors.  There were few that stood against this trend, but Elijah was one of them.  What can we learn from Elijah as this story unfolds in 1 Kings and 2 Kings?  In many ways the times in which Elijah lived are like today.  The gods may be different but human nature and God’s nature is not.



2-Jul-23 The Man of God from Judah – Reverence for God’s Word 1 Kings 13
9-Jul-23 Elijah the Ravens, & the Widow – Trust in God’s Provision 1 Kings 17
16-Jul-23 Elijah at Mount Carmel – Single minded Faith 1 Kings 18
23-Jul-23 Elijah flees Jezebel – Facing Fear and Despair 1 Kings 19
30-Jul-23 Benhadad and Ahab – No Compromise 1 Kings 20
6-Aug-23 Naboth’s Vineyard – Confronting Evil 1 Kings 21
13-Aug-23 Micaiah and Ahab – Beware False Religion 1 Kings 22
20-Aug-23 Elijah and the 50s – Obey God Rather than Man 2 Kings 1
27-Aug-23 Elijah and Elisha – Pass the Mantle of Faith 2 Kings 2
3-Sep-23 Chariots of Fire – Remember the Heavenly Host  2 Kings 6