Simply Following Christ

The Psalms are a beautiful “hymn book” containing meditations, poetry, praises, and worship by several authors written over hundreds of years.  This 2015 Summer Series is a continuation of the series we taught last summer on the Psalms 1 to 23.  Although some of these Psalms were written 3000 years ago, the Lord has not changed, nor has human nature.  We can learn much about the Lord through the expressions of these ancient writers.

Psalm 24               The Lord – My King

Psalm 25               The Lord – My Trustworthy Teacher

Psalm 27                The Lord – My Stronghold

Psalm 29                The Lord – My Strength

Psalm 32, 34          The Lord – My Deliverer

Psalm 33                 The Lord – My Joy in Praise

Psalm 38, 39           The Lord – My Savior

Psalm 40                 The Lord – My Helper

Psalm 41                  The Lord – My Hope for Mercy