Simply Following Christ

The Psalms are a beautiful “hymn book” containing meditations, poetry, praises, and worship by several authors written over hundreds of years.  This 2022 Summer Series is a continuation, and conclusion, of studies in the Psalms we began in 2014.  Although some of these Psalms were written 3000 years ago, God has not changed, nor has human nature.  We can learn much about God, and ourselves, through the expressions of these ancient writers.

Date Title Reference
3-Jul-22 Our Forgiving God Psalm 130 & 131
10-Jul-22 Our Enduring God Psalm 135 & 136
17-Jul-22 Our Preserving God Psalm 138
24-Jul-22 Our Ever-present God Psalm 139
31-Jul-22 Our Delivering God Psalm 140 &142
7-Aug-22 Our Protective God Psalm 141
14-Aug-22 Our Great God Psalm 145
21-Aug-22 Our Reigning God Psalm 146
28-Aug-22 Our Exalted Creator God Psalm 148
4-Sep-22 Our Praiseworthy God Psalm 149 &150