Simply Following Christ

Psalms – Summer 2016

The Psalms are a beautiful “hymn book” containing meditations, poetry, praises, and worship by several authors written over hundreds of years.  This 2016 Summer Series is a continuation of the series we taught last summer.  Although some of these Psalms were written 3000 years ago, God has not changed, nor has human nature.  We can learn much about God through the expressions of these ancient writers.

June 12 Psalm 42 & 43 God:  My Longing Hope
June 19 Psalm 45 God and His Bride
June 26 Psalm 46 Be Still and Know
 July 3 Psalm 49  Why Fear?
 July 10 Psalm 50 Judge God
 July 17 Psalm 51 God:  Heart Cleanser
 July 24 Psalm 52 The God of Steadfast Love
 July 31 Psalm 53 God Does Not Suffer Fools
 August 7 Psalm 55  God, Our Burden Bearer
August 14 Psalm 56 The God Who is For Me
August 21 Psalm 59 God:  My Strength
August 28 Psalm 61 The Rock Higher Than I
September 4 Psalm 62 God is Worth Waiting For
September 11 Psalm 63 God:  My Satisfaction