Simply Following Christ

Praying with Paul

This fall we will be studying the prayers that we find in the letters Paul wrote.  Join us, to learn how to pray more effectively, more fully, by Praying with Paul.


Date Topic
9-Sep-18 For Right Living
16-Sep-18 For Ministry Results
23-Sep-18 For Strength
30-Sep-18 For More Love
7-Oct-18 Of Thanksgiving
14-Oct-18 For Knowledge of the Lord, His Hope, His Love
21-Oct-18 For Knowledge of His Will, Riches we Have, His Power
28-Oct-18 For Grace and Peace
4-Nov-18 For One Mind
11-Nov-18 For the Salvation of Others
18-Nov-18 That Christ May Dwell in Our Hearts, and for God’s fullness
25-Nov-18 Requests for Himself