Simply Following Christ

Starting in January 2021 we will be studying the Gospel according to Matthew.  Each week, we study and apply the Scripture verse by verse, in the context of the whole.  

Matthew is a special book.  It acts as a bridge between the Old and New Testaments.  It was clearly written primarily to people with a Jewish background and announces to them the arrival of their Messiah and King.  It contains more quotations, references and allusions to the Old Testament than any of the other three Gospels.  Around 60% of the verses in the book contain the words of Jesus Christ.  This is a book to study in detail, for no other reason than that!  

The writer, chosen by the Holy Spirit, was a collaborator with the Romans, despised by the Jewish people – a tax collector.  Nevertheless, when Matthew heard Christ’s words “Follow me” he did that, without question, bringing along with him his writing skills.

While the focus of this book is on the Jewish Messiah and King,  Matthew wastes little time noting the lukewarm and even hostile reception he received.  In Chapter 2 he recounts how foreign gentiles, the Magi, journeyed to pay homage to the new king.  Those in his court who found the prophecy that the king would be born in Bethlehem (just a few kilometers south of Jerusalem), could not bother to take a short walk to look for themselves.  Herod, the King, then tried to kill him.  This event is a portent to the reaction of most of the Jewish leaders at that time.

The book ends with Jesus giving his disciples the “great commission” to “go and make disciples of all nations“.  





03-Jan-21 Introduction & the King’s Welcome Matt. 1:1-2:12
10-Jan-21 The King’s Rival Matt. 1:13-23
17-Jan-21 The King’s Herald Matt. 3:1-17
24-Jan-21 The King’s Test Matt. 4:1-11
31-Jan-21 The King’s Call Matt. 4:12-25
07-Feb-21 The King’s Blessing Matt. 5:1-16
14-Feb-21 Clarifying Anger and Lust Matt. 5:17-30
21-Feb-21 Clarifying Divorce and Vows Matt. 5:31-37, 19:1-12
28-Feb-21 Clarifying Love and Retaliation Matt. 5:38-48
07-Mar-21 The Primacy of Humility in Spiritual Disciplines Matt, 6:1-17
14-Mar-21 The King’s Prayer Matt. 6:5-15
21-Mar-21 Kingdom Riches Matt. 6:19-24
28-Mar-21 The King’s Provisions Matt. 6:25-34
04-Apr-21 Principles of Discernment Matt. 7:1-23
11-Apr-21 Foundational Living Matt. 7:24-27
18-Apr-21 Over Illness and Creation Matt. 8:1-27, 9:27-31
25-Apr-21 Over Spiritual Realms Matt. 8:28-34, 9:32-34
02-May-21 Over Forgive Sins Matt. 9:1-17
09-May-21 Over Death Matt. 9:18-26
16-May-21 The King’s Commission Matt. 9:35-10:15
23-May-21 The Cost of Mission Matt. 10:16-42
30-May-21 The Example of Mission Accomplished Matt. 11:1-19
06-Jun-21 The King’s Woes Matt. 11:20-30
13-Jun-21 The King of the Sabbath Matt. 12:1-14
20-Jun-21 The King’s Warnings Matt. 12:15-50
27-Jun-21 Kingdom Sowers Matt. 13:1-23
04-Jul-21 Kingdom Reapers Matt. 13:24-43
11-Jul-21 Kingdom Treasure Matt. 13:44-58
18-Jul-21 The King’s Grief and Compassion Matt. 14:1-21
25-Jul-21 The King of Storms Matt. 14:22-36
01-Aug-21 The King’s Rebuke of the Heart Matt. 15:1-20
08-Aug-21 The King’s Grace Matt. 15:21-34
15-Aug-21 Religious Hypocrisy condemned Matt. 16:1-12
22-Aug-21 The King’s Identity Matt. 16:13-20, 22:41-46
29-Aug-21 The King’s Purpose Matt. 16:21-28, 17:22-23
05-Sep-21 The King’s Glory Matt. 17:1-23
12-Sep-21 Kingdom Greatness Matt. 18:1-13, 19:13-15, 20:20-28
19-Sep-21 Kingdom Forgiveness Matt. 18:14-35
26-Sep-21 Kingdom Service Matt. 19:16-30
03-Oct-21 Kingdom Reward Matt. 20:1-16
10-Oct-21 The King’s Coronation Matt. 21:1-11
17-Oct-21 The King’s Authority Matt. 21:12-27
24-Oct-21 The King’s Rejection Matt. 21:28-45
31-Oct-21 The King’s Invitation Matt. 22:1-14
07-Nov-21 The King and Taxes Matt. 22:15-22, 17:24-27
14-Nov-21 The King of the Living Matt. 22:23-33
21-Nov-21 The King’s Principle Command Matt. 22:34-40
28-Nov-21 The King’s Lament Matt. 23:1-39