Simply Following Christ

Galatians was written by Paul to a group of churches in the region of Galatia which is in modern day Turkey.  It is a passionate plea to the believers in those churches not to replace the Good News (the Gospel) they had been taught by Fake News taught by people who had come among them.  This Fake news would have the effect of enslaving them to a life of servitude to works.  This letter is all about the freedom believers can enjoy through simple faith in Christ and by following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

01-May-22 Freedom’s Origins Gal. 1:1 – 1:12
08-May-22 Freedom’s Transformation  Gal. 1:13-2:10
15-May-22 Freedom Threatened Gal. 2:11-2:21
22-May-22 Freedom of Faith Gal. 3:1-3:14
29-May-22 Freedom’s Family Gal. 3:15-4:7
05-Jun-22 Freedom’s Enemies Gal. 4:8-4:31
12-Jun-22 Freedom in Christ Gal. 5:1-5:12
19-Jun-22 The Spirit of Freedom Gal. 5:13-5:26
26-Jun-22 Freedom’s Fruit Gal. 6:1-6:18