Simply Following Christ

In the fall of 2022 and winter of 2023 we will be studying the numerous places in which Jesus Christ is revealed in the pages of the Old Testament.  There are many prophecies of His coming and work on earth.  Some people in the Old Testament depict His character and actions through an aspect of their lives.  Several Psalms describe Him.  Join us for this fascinating study.


Date Title References
11-Sep-22 Introduction to Series  
18-Sep-22 Adam:  Humanity’s Representative Gen. 1-5, Rom. 5
25-Sep-22 Abraham & Isaac:   Substitute Gen. 22
02-Oct-22 Joseph:  Rejected Son Gen. 37-50
09-Oct-22 Moses:  Mediator Deliverer Exod., Heb. 3
16-Oct-22 Aaron:  Faithful High Priest Heb. 4-8, Lev. 8-10
23-Oct-22 Boaz – Kinsman Redeemer Ruth
30-Oct-22 David: Messiah Shepherd King  Various
06-Nov-22 Melchizedek:  Priest King Gen. 14, Heb. 7
13-Nov-22 The Angel of the Lord Gen, 16, 18.22, Exod. 3, Num. 22, Judg. 13
20-Nov-22 Fourth Man in Furnace  Dan. 3
27-Nov-22 Blood Sacrifices (Atonement. Passover Lamb) Heb. 10
04-Dec-22 Tabernacle / God with us / Immanuel Exod. 25-30, 38
11-Dec-22 Tracing the Seed Gen. 3:15, Luk. 3
18-Dec-22 Tracing the Birth Advent prophesies
25-Dec-22 CHRISTMAS – Communion  
01-Jan-23 The Rock 1 Cor. 10:4
08-Jan-23 The Bronze Serpent: A curse for us Jn. 3:14
15-Jan-23 The Manna: Bread of Life Jn. 6
22-Jan-23 The Cornerstone Matt. 21:42
29-Jan-23 Jacobs Ladder Jn. 1:51
05-Feb-23 Begotten Son Psa. 2
12-Feb-23 Forsaken One Psa. 22
19-Feb-23 Good Shepherd Psa. 23
26-Feb-23 Priest and King Psa. 110
05-Mar-23 The Son of Man Dan. 7
12-Mar-23 The Branch Zech. 3 & 6
19-Mar-23 The Faithful Husband Hosea
26-Mar-23 The Chosen Servant Isa. 42-61
02-Apr-23 The Suffering Servant Isa. 53
09-Apr-23 EASTER – My Redeemer Lives Job 19:25