Simply Following Christ

We have preserved for us two letters that Paul wrote the the believers in Corinth.  We have indications in those letters that he wrote others too, but the two we have paint a picture of a young church struggling with immaturity, false teaching, blatant sin, and selfishness.  Charles Swindoll calls this letter “a treatise on the stuff of authentic ministry – in all its earthiness and harsh human realities”.  Starting in 2020, we plan to study this remarkable letter expecting to learn more about the inner emotional life of a great minister and how he approached the messy realities of the church in Corinth. 

05-Jan-20 Introduction to 2 Corinthians 1:1-2
12-Jan-20 Comfort in Christ 1:3-11
19-Jan-20 The Yes of God 1:12-22
26-Jan-20 Rebuking in Love  1:23 – 2:11
02-Feb-20 Confidence in Ministry – Christ Leads the Way  2:12-17
09-Feb-20 Confidence in Ministry – The Glory of the Spirit  3:1-18
16-Feb-20 Confidence in Ministry – The Power of the Gospel  4:1-18
23-Feb-20 Confidence in Ministry — Glorious Hope  5:1-10
01-Mar-20 Confidence in Ministry – Spiritual Perspective 5:11-6:2
08-Mar-20 Confidence in Ministry – Righteous Example 6:3-13
15-Mar-20 A Holy Temple 6:14-7:1
22-Mar-20 Accepting Rebuke 7:2-16
29-Mar-20 Generosity – An Act of Grace and Love 8:1-15
05-Apr-20 Generosity — Careful Considerations 8:16-9:5
12-Apr-20 Easter  
19-Apr-20 Generosity — An Act of Joy and Thanksgiving 9:6-15
26-Apr-20 Paul’s Defense – God’s Commendation 10:1-18
03-May-20 Paul’s Defense — Pure and Impure Motives 11:1-15
10-May-20 Paul’s Defense – Paul’s Strengths  11:18-29
17-May-20 Paul’s Defense – Paul’s Weaknesses  11:30-12:10
24-May-20 Paul’s Concern 12:11-21
31-May-20 Ready Yourselves  13:1-10
07-Jun-20 Final Instructions (& 2 Corinthians Recap) 13:11-14