Simply Following Christ

1 Corinthians

Paul, in this letter to the church at Corinth, covers a range of issues that the people in that church were facing. By studying how Paul addresses internal conflicts, and compromises with the surrounding society we can learn much. We have entitled this series: Wisdom for the Body of Christ.

DateTitle1 Corinthians:
06-Jan-19Introduction to Corinth1:1-3
13-Jan-19Enriched in Christ1:4-9
20-Jan-19Undivided in Christ1:10-19
27-Jan-19Christ Crucified: The Power of God1:20-31
03-Feb-19Spirit Taught: The Wisdom and Mind of Christ2:1-16 
10-Feb-19Christ: The Foundation of the Church3:1-15
17-Feb-19Christ: The Judge3:12-4:1-7
24-Feb-19Christ’s Fools4:8-13
03-Mar-19The Role of Spiritual Fathers4:14-21
10-Mar-19Sin Discipline in the Church5:1-12
17-Mar-19Lawsuits in the Church6:1-8
24-Mar-19Sexual Immorality6:9-20
31-Mar-19Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage7:1-24, 39-40
07-Apr-19Singleness Advice7:8,25-38
14-Apr-19Rights and Freedoms yielded for Others8:1-13
21-Apr-19Rights and Freedoms yielded to the Gospel9:1-23
28-Apr-19Rights and Freedoms yielded for the Prize9:24-27
05-May-19 Historical Warnings10:1-13
12-May-19Freedom of Conscience10:14-11:1
19-May-19Headship and Order11:2-16
26-May-19The Lord’s Supper11:17-34
02-Jun-19Unity and Diversity of the Spirit12:1-11
09-Jun-19Unity and Diversity 0f the Body12:12-31
16-Jun-19Spiritual Gifts (General Topic)
23-Jun-19The Primacy of Love13:1-3
30-Jun-19The Character of Love13:4-7
07-Jul-19The Permanency and Perfection of Love13:8-13
14-Jul-19The Gift of Prophecy (Enduring Gift)14:1-12
21-Jul-19The Gift of Tongues (Sign Gift)14:13-25
28-Jul-19 Orderly Worship14:26-39
04-Aug-19The Fact of Christ’s Resurrection15:1-11
11-Aug-19 The Necessity of it15:12-19
18-Aug-19 Resurrection of the Saints15:20-28
25-Aug-19The Motivations of Our Resurrection15:29-33
01-Sep-19The Likeness of Our Resurrection15:34-49
08-Sep-19The Victory of Resurrection15:50-58
15-Sep-19 Concluding Matters16:1-24