Simply Following Christ

In the fall of 2023 and winter of 2024 we will be studying the Gospel of Mark.  We have taken the theme verse of this book to be Mark 10:45:  For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.   First we will explore this One called the Son of Man.  What were His qualifications and what was His mission?  What means did He use to accomplish that mission?  We will then look at who He came to serve, and how He did that.  Finally we will recall His ultimate service – giving His life.


10-Sep-23 Mark 1:1-15 The Servant’s Qualifications
17-Sep-23 Mark 1:16-39 The Servant’s Mission
24-Sep-23 Mark 1:40-2:12 The Servant’s Authority
1-Oct-23 Mark 2:13-3:6 The Servant’s Controversy
8-Oct-23 Mark 3:7 – 3:35 The Servant’s Companions
15-Oct-23 Mark 4:1-34 The Servant’s Communication
22-Oct-23 Mark 4:35-5:20 The Servant’s Diety
29-Oct-23 Mark 5:21-5:43, 6:45-56 The Servant’s Power
5-Nov-23 Mark 6:1-6a, 7:24-37 Who will He Serve?
12-Nov-23 Mark 6:6b-13, 9:14-29 The Servant’s Apprentices
19-Nov-23 Mark 6:14-44 King vs. Servant, a Contrast
26-Nov-23 Mark 7:1-23 Serving the Religious
3-Dec-23 Mark 8:1-21 Serving the Hungry
10-Dec-23 Mark 7:31-37, 8:22-26, 10:46-52 Serving the Infirm
17-Dec-23   Christmas Message
24-Dec-23   Christmas Message
31-Dec-23   New Years Message
7-Jan-24 Mark 9:35-37, 42-50, 10:13-16 Serving Children
14-Jan-24 Mark 8:27-30, 9:2-13 The Servant’s True Identity
21-Jan-24 Mark 9:38-41, 10:35-45 The Servant Misunderstood
28-Jan-24 Mark 10:1-12, 17-31 The Servant’s Tough Teachings
4-Feb-24 Mark 11:27-12:27 The Servant Challenged
11-Feb-24 Mark 12:28-44 The Servant’s Wisdom
18-Feb-24 Mark 13:1-37 The Servant’s Prophecy
25-Feb-24 Mark 8:31-33, 9:30-34, 10:32-34 The Servant’s Predictions
3-Mar-24 Mark 11:1 – 11:26 The Servant’s Welcome
10-Mar-24 Mark 14:1-26 The Servant Prepared
17-Mar-24 Mark 14:27-72 The Servant Abandoned and Accused
24-Mar-24 Mark 15:1-41 The Servant’s Suffering
31-Mar-24 Mark 15:42-16:20 The Servant’s Victory