Simply Following Christ

Psalms – Summer 2020

In the summer of 2020 we will be studying selected Psalms in the fifth book of the Psalter.  Although this poetry was written thousands of years ago, the themes are timeless because the nature of God has not changed, and human nature has not changed.

Date Title
5-Jul-20 Psalm 108 – A Steadfast Heart
12-Jul-20 Psalm 110 – The Heart of a King
19-Jul-20 Psalm 111 – The Extolling Heart
26-Jul-20 Psalm 112 – The Delighted Heart
2-Aug-20 Psalm 113 – The Praising Heart
9-Aug-20 Psalm 115 – The Trusting Heart
16-Aug-20 Psalm 116 – The Resting Heart
23-Aug-20 Psalm 118 – The Rejoicing Heart
30-Aug-20 Psalm 121 – The Safe Heart
6-Sep-20 Psalm 123 – The Desiring Heart
13-Sep-20 Psalm 124 – What If God Didn’t Exist?
20-Sep-20 Psalm 126 – The Sad Heart