Simply Following Christ

Psalms – Summer 2017

The Psalms are a beautiful “hymn book” containing meditations, poetry, praises, and worship by several authors written over hundreds of years.  This 2017 Summer Series is a continuation of the series we taught each summer since 2014.  Although some of these Psalms were written 3000 years ago, God has not changed, nor has human nature.  We can learn much about God through the expressions of these ancient writers.

Date Psalm Title
2-Jul-17 Psalm 63 Thirsting for God
9-Jul-17 Psalm 64 Deliverance by God
16-Jul-17 Psalm 65 Praise to God
23-Jul-17 Psalm 66 Worship to God
30-Jul-17 Psalm 67 Salvation from God
6-Aug-17 Psalm 68 Power of God
13-Aug-17 Psalm 69 Plea to God
20-Aug-17 Psalm 70 Help from God
27-Aug-17 Psalm 71 Refuge in God
3-Sep-17 Psalm 72 Justice from God